Summer Halloween Recipe: Blue Slime Sipper

Halloween Alley Recipe

Yes, as a Halloween store we typically sell Halloween costumes, etc. … but we like to share Halloween recipes with you, too! And we know it isn’t exactly October and you wouldn’t be eating typical Halloween treats but we came across this great idea and had to share it with you:

The Blue Slime Sipper

It’s the perfect treat for adults and even better for kids – they’ll love the jello and lemonade combination and well, it’s refreshing and easy, too!

How do you like to quench your thirst in the summer? It’s scorching hot across Canada and we’d love to hear how you beat the heat!

If you try this out, let us know how it is!

The Blue Slime Sipper

6 ozs blueberry (jello, gelatin)

3 cups lemonade (chilled prepared)

3 cups lemon beverage (carbonated)

2 cups boiling water

4 cups cold water






In a large mixing bowl combine the gelatin and two cups boiling water; stir until dissolved, then add/stir in 4 cups very cold water.
Cover and chill at least 4 hours (gelatin will be partially set).
To serve; stir gelatin with a large spoon or whisk until gelatin is broken into small pieces.
Place 1/4 cup lemonade in a large clear glass or plastic tumbler; add 1/2 cup gelatin to the lemonade, then add 1/4 cup lemon-lime carbonated beverage.
Stir slightly and you’re ready to slurp some slime!