Featured City: Lethbridge

Halloween Alley

One of the coolest things about having our Halloween stores located across Canada is the cultural and geographical diversity that comes along with our wonderful nation. As you know, we’re celebrating each city where a Halloween store will be located this September and next on our list is the Albertan city of Lethbridge!

With rolling plains and a rich history, Lethbridge is a beautiful city located in the south of the Alberta Prairies. Known as a cultural capital of Canada, Lethbridge’s residents take pride in the arts as reflected in the various buildings dedicated to enhancing and appreciating artistic skill.

We love this about Lethbridge, seeing as Halloween can be an extremely creative event! We’re beyond excited to be coming to Lethbridge for the 2012 Halloween Season and we’ll be bringing along our best costumes to wow its citizens!

So, locals! What are some of the best things to do there in the summer? Has anyone traveled there before? We’d love to hear about it! We’d also love to see any pictures or videos from our 2011 Halloween store in Lethbridge – it just makes us even more excited for the upcoming season 🙂

Need something to do on a sunny afternoon in Lethbridge this summer? Why not check out this attraction: