It’s Almost Halloween!

Can you believe it is Halloween next week!? In the final run up, we’re focusing on #everything Halloween has to offer. Our final store events will be happening in all of our Halloween stores across Alberta, B.C, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Melbourne this Saturday October 28. This is not one to miss!

Our first 100 customers will receive a FREE skeleton decoration, great as either a last minute Halloween decoration for the trick-or-treaters or perhaps you could turn it into a costume?

We’ll be showing off our best Halloween costumes for kids, adults and pets. Have you thought about what type of costume you want for Halloween? Perhaps you want a super scary costume this year? Maybe you can go as an orc from World of Warcraft? Or would you rather be Lothar?

Lothar Costumes

Or maybe you fancy coming and checking out our silly Halloween costumes? These are a strong favourite in a lot of our Halloween shops, our Saskatoon East Halloween store staff are especially big fans. If you love a funny Halloween costume, check these out. They are ideal either as a hilarious costume to wear to a Halloween party or they make for a hysterical party game. Get a couple of these costumes and put your friends into a Halloween style battle. Maybe see who can do 10 squats the quickest.

Inflatable Halloween Costumes

Have you got a Halloween costume for your pet yet? No? Fear not, we have plenty to chose from in our Halloween stores. Some of you have been submitting great photos of your pet’s costumes to our Halloween costume contest. We do have a soft spot for photos of pets, so we’d love to see more! Look how cute these Halloween costumes for cats and dogs are.

Pets Halloween Costumes

Did you spot our t-rex costumes running around this weekend? We set them loose on the streets of Melbourne and they seemed to be very popular! If you got any photos of them, be sure to send them to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Popular T-Rex Costumes

So for one last time *wipes a tear*, we invite you to join us in your local Halloween shop this Saturday October 28 to grab your last few Halloween bits and pieces in the run up to Halloween 2017 Рwhich we know is going to be the best yet! Make sure to invite friends and family to join in one the Halloween fun too.