Labor Day Long Weekend Halloween Decorating Ideas

Happy Thursday! It’s just about time for the Labor Day long weekend which really means only one thing — it’s time to start planning your Halloween decorations!

Halloween Alley stores are opening across Canada very soon which means you can get a head start on getting everyone in the spirit with the best Halloween decorations and props! Our decorations are mostly designed to scare your neighbours into questioning their own sanity, so they’re ideal for finding out just who else shares your passion for Halloween. Whether you want your house to stand out, scare trick-or-treaters or throw the best themed party in the neighbourhood, it all starts with great decorations!

Throwing back to last year, here are some of our favourite decorations from our Facebook friends some inspiration for Halloween 2014!

935127_10151702603911976_101562500_nChelsea Ganam from Vancouver sent us this amazing photo of her dining room last Halloween, which had been decorated with a variety of props and spooky enough to be a haunted house attraction! The details are awesome, as is the large ghost looming in the corner.

1388022_10153412777865085_1200061216_nOne of our favourite inflatable props — Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was terrorizing Ghostbusters fans in Grande Praire from Pamela Ralston lawn. Easy to set up in minutes and impressively large, this inflatable prop is a perfect addition to any outdoor display.

1450264_10151732482653862_1317992902_nWe admire Jody James’ dedication, and can’t wait to see what she comes up with this year! Last Halloween, she turned her entire front lawn into a graveyard. We’d love to see a photo at night because with the tombstones and skull props, this has to have been the most haunted looking house on the block.

1294475_10151831517545020_47025821_oAs a bonus, this photo comes to us from our own Halloween Alley store in Calgary. We love the idea of incorporating used palettes (available in many big box stores) to create a barricade. This setup is perfect for making your house look infested by zombies!

Check out a small preview of the Halloween decorations we’ll have in stores this year and let us know what you’re planning for Halloween 2014 on our Facebook and Twitter pages!