Of Magic and Black Cats: Witches and Wizard Halloween Costumes

This Halloween, find the witchiest adult costumes at your nearest Halloween Alley store. Which witch do you love the most? Endora from Bewitched, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Winnie Sanderson from Hocus Pocus, The Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of the Oz, the evil queen from Snow White, Muriel from Hansel and Gretel, Maleficent from The Sleeping Beauty… the costumes for all the wicked witches you’d want to cosplay are available at your neighbourhood Halloween Alley!

58421-Wicked witch of the west costume with broom
Wicked Witch Of The West Costume With Broom
Velvet Satin Cape Witch Costume For Women
witch costume for women with broom
Beautiful Witch Costume For Women With Broom
76786- Burn the witch costume for women
Medieval Witch Costume For Women
Plus Size Witch Costume for Women
Plus Size Witch Costume For Women
85534 -Evil Queen from snow white
Evil Queen From Snow White Costume
Witch Makeup Halloween - Women
Witch Makeup Kit
58423l-Wicked witch of the west costume with broom for little girl
Wicked Witch Of The West Costume For Girls

Or are you looking for some wizard costumes? Wizards top our list this year because…why should girls have all the fun? If witches can cast spells, then wizards can perform magic. Are you looking to be something straight out of Hogwarts?

We have some great wizard costumes for men this Halloween.

Colourful Robe Wizard Costume For Men
wizard Costume FoR Men With Long White Beard
Long White Beard and Wizard Costume For Men
Magician Costume for men
Magician Costume For Men
76989- wizard costume for men
Wizard Costume For Men


Top up these crazy costumes with the best makeup and hairdo. Follow us on Pinterest and Facebook to get the best Halloween DIY ideas to crank up your look! There are hundreds more in-store. Head to the Halloween Alley® near you to make your pick.