Our Hot Halloween Costume Predictions For 2019

Deep in the caves of our Hauntquarters, our minions are hard at work lurking, searching, and discovering the ingredients necessary for the best Halloween ever. Eye of newt, wing of bat, and the most crucial ingredient of all, your Halloween costume.

We’ve predicted the top Halloween costumes this year to give you some costume ideas for when our stores open this September. Whether you are costume shopping for yourself, the kids, or your whole family, we’ve got you covered! So without further ado, here are our predictions for the hottest Halloween Costumes of the 2019 season.

Costumes For The Heroes


Popular, mainstream heroes like Superman and Batman are always a hit. But with so much expansion into the Marvel and DC universes, we are seeing more and more surprise characters step out of the shadows.

This year, we predict seeing a lot of Shazam costumes around town. Not sure who Shazam is? To put it simply, he’s a 14-year-old boy that transforms into the superhero Shazam at the shout of the word. Pretty much every kid’s dream.

Captain Marvel

One of the Universe’s most powerful heroes, Captain Marvel has been a hit at the box office. She fights aliens, is an Avenger, and kicks some serious tail! With all this going for her, we are sure to see a few Captain Marvels protecting our neighbourhoods this year.

Costumes For The Kids


“Let It Go” might be the second catchiest song in the world, behind the “Monster Mash” of course. Queen Elsa is going to share some new songs with us this fall, so we predict seeing a lot of trick-or-treaters donning this character’s Halloween costume.

Lego People

It’s incredible how Lego has stood the test of time. Generation after generation finds enjoyment in those little buildable blocks—just don’t step on one! This year, we will see not one, but two Lego movies in theatres. So if you are looking for a surefire hit of a Halloween costume, a Lego character is the way to go!

Costumes For The Entire Family

If you are looking to dress the entire family up for Halloween, why not dress up like the most loving and creepy family ever? The Addams family includes parents Gomez and Morticia, their children Wednesday and Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Grandmama, the butler Lurch, and Cousin Itt. This group costume idea works perfectly for dog owners, as your whole family, including the furry members, will have a role to play, as your dog would be dressed up as “Thing.” These Halloween costumes are back on everybody’s radar this year as a new animated movie hits theatres in October, right in time for Halloween!

We hope we’ve given you some fantastic suggestions for your next Halloween costume. Which prediction are you excited about the most? Do you have your own predictions? Looking for any special costumes this year?  Share with us on our Facebook or Instagram, and we will see if our minions can cook something up!