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Halloween Wigs

Sure, you may have the body of a god(dess), but what if you’re missing the long, flowing hair for the part? A Halloween wig goes a long way in perfecting your Halloween costume! We always have a large selection of wigs — short hair, long hair, neon colours — you name your costume, we’ll have a style to match!

OMG, How’s My Hair?!

No-one wants to go to their Halloween party looking like The Joker from the neck down — and Peter Parker from the neck up. Get a wig for the part — we’ll have a selection for any combination of costumes! Our friendly store (g)hosts are looking around the world for all the wigs you’ll need, in time for Halloween 2017!

Your favourite Halloween store is getting ready to spook you in 2017!


No one returns without a scream-worthy costume from Halloween Alley. Every year, our stores always have everything you need to make your Halloween scary, sexy, bloody or cute!

Stop by your neighbourhood Halloween store for even more costumes!