Raise money and have some fun!

Are you tired of Cash Calls and the same old fundraising ideas such as raffle tickets, bottle drives, selling chocolates door to-door, bake sales, etc? If so, The Halloween Alley fundraising opportunity is a unique way to raise money for your not-for-profit group. It’s easy! Have your group shop at one of our Halloween stores across Canada, and receive a cheque for 10% of your group’s total purchases (before taxes).

For example, how much can a Hockey team raise?

  • 17 Players-each get 5 friends/family members plus themselves to shop = 102 shoppers
  • Average sale during Halloween is approx. $75-$100 per shopper
  • Τotal amount raised = $765-$1020

Top tip:

The key for the group leader to raise more $$$ is to get their members to recruit more shoppers. Our experience is that you need to give your members ideas and encourage them to distribute the invitation to as many people as possible. People such as co-workers, friends, family members, other groups (i.e. sports teams), schools, etc.

Click here to get started.

Good luck and have fun!