Skully’s Journey: The Iron Safe Discovery

After months upon months of waiting, wishing Halloween was upon us, our old friend Skully has made a discovery. He has found the iron safe which holds the details of where Halloween Alley stores will be in existence this year. Like yourselves, Skully is dying (or re-dying) to find out where he can begin his Halloween shopping, but he has struck a problem. This note is attached to the safe:

Too long left concealed
seven months, total, tallied
the stores we’ll reveal
for Halloween Alley.

When supporters reach over
six hundred, sixty-six,
this safe will reveal
the next home of tricks.

Through clever wit, courage
dark secrets and guile
Skully, your mission:
Celebrate Life. Halloween Style!

Iron Safe Holding List Of Stores

Skully needs your help to find our list of Halloween store locations! With your support, he’ll be able to open the Iron Safe, which holds our secret list.

In order to open the safe and reveal the locations, he needs the support of 666 people. Upon this message being shared, liked or commented on 666 times, all will be revealed. Head over to our Facebook page now so we can find out what Halloween Alley stores will be blessing this nation. Skully’s tender bones are quaking in anticipation.

This is to be only the beginning of Skully’s 2017 Halloween journey. You can find Part 2 – where Skully reveals our Halloween stores in 2017!