Snacks Ideas For Superhero Theme Party

Are you planning to throw a Superhero theme party this Halloween. Your local Halloween Alley has the best superhero and supervillain Halloween costumes for everyone from babies, kids, teens to adults and plus-sizes. But a superhero theme party needs more than costumes. It’s gotta be superb. You can always play around with pumpkin carvings and create some awesome decorations. You will find cool accessories at our stores that will do the trick. But here’s what we can’t get to you and that’s the snacks. But don’t worry, we’ve collected some great ideas here which can help you get started with your superhero menu for the awesome Halloween party you’re planning.

Hulk Smash Cocktail Drink

Hulk SMash
Whatever’s your poison, you can add some edible green jello or colour to it and place it in a mason jar with a tap. Voila! Hulk smashed!

Two Faced Pretzels

Two-Face Pretzels

Pretzels are loved by everyone around this time of the year. Just make them the routine way and add an edible coating of blue and yellow on the top, in the end.


Party shots As Super Powers

Avengers SHots

They do make us feel superb. Your usual tonics and spirits can be made colorful using some edible colors and give it a cool name. Your shots will be ready to fire!

Give Superhero Names To Regular Snacks

WOnder dogs Halloween DIY snacks

Superhero Snacks Ideas

Bat Wings

Robin's eggs

This is just a clever way of reducing your efforts and still rocking your theme. Well, half of your menu items can be regular, but with such crazy titles, your party will continue to rock! Check out these Batwings, Super Manwiches, WonderDogs and more.

Hulk Pudding Cups

Hulk Pudding Cups

You can find them at the dollar store and just add your pudding to these to have yourself some Hulk Pudding.

Wonder Woman Cookies

wonder-woman-cookies Halloween DIY Snacks

This will require some effort and some google searches. But we thought they are cute and Wonder Woman was kinda getting ignored.

Captain America Fruit Spread

Captain America Spread

This is just great. Captain America always knows what’s correct and he’s got you a fruit spread that no one can say no to. It will be a hit in a kids’ or an adults’ party!

Spiderman Oreos

Spiderman Oreos

These aren’t so difficult to make either. But choco pies will work better here we think. Just some edible coating and jams is all you need to add to your regular Oreos and choco pies.

Super Jello

Jello SUperhero Theme Party

Jello can come in such superman colors. They will be a sure hit at your Halloween party.

Add POW, BAM, SMACK to all your snacks and sides

Halloween SNack Ideas DIY

Pop Soda Bucket

Wonder Woman Lassos

This will help you wherever you are confused. Add these comic style sound effects to all your snack and extras to complete your menu for the Superhero themed Halloween party. For more ideas, keep following us on Instagram and Pinterest. And don’t forget to complete your superhero parties by getting the best superhero costumes, accessories and props from your local Halloween Alley!