Top 10 Safety Tips for Halloween 2015!

There are only 51 days left until Halloween! It’s time to start planning your group costumes and family events for the best day of the year. Let’s make Halloween 2015 a family event to remember!

The key to making a memorable event is proper planning. Making sure that your night is planned out in a safe manner ahead of time saves a lot of hassle and allows for some planned wriggle room on the night of the big event.

Top 10 Safety Tips – Halloween 2015

Stay safe this Halloween 2015!

1. Emergency Contact Notes

Prepare a piece of paper with a guardian’s phone number and contact information, tucking it into a costume pocket. If a child ever gets lost, they should be able to contact an adult with this information. Also good to supply a map of the nearby area

2. Buddy System

Are your kids going as a group? We recommend using a buddy system so that no child goes unaccounted for. Better yet- you could use group costumes to quickly recognize pairs of children in a crowd!

3. Designated Safety Point

Designate a “safety point” in case anyone ever gets lost. The safety point should be a universally recognizable landmark that’s easy to find and get to in case anyone ever gets separated. If you ever get separated-meet at the safety point!

4. Preschedule Your Route

Keep a timetable for how long you expect to go trick-or-treating, and any major destinations you plan to visit. Keep unexpected twists and turns at bay with proper planning!

5. Check Your Treats

Examine all treats for allergies, choking hazards or tampering before eating! It might be a good idea to plan a “Candy Party” after trick-or-treating so that you save all the candy until after the event so that they can be examined under proper lighting.

6. Use Proper Lighting

Trick-or-Treating can take place in dark areas! Stay safe and use a flashlight. You could even incorporate lights in your Iron Man cosplay or with your light-up lightsaber!

7. Always Walk on the Sidewalk

It can get dark while trick-or-treating, so make sure your kids know to always stay on the sidewalk!

8. Wear Well-Fitted Costumes

To avoid blocked vision, trips and falls, use well-fitted halloween masks and wigs and test your make-up ahead of time. Your child’s costume should be warm and comfortable for the event; avoid hems that are too long or masks that are too big. Our halloween costumes should have the perfect selection for any size!

9. Avoid Open Flames

Use light-up glow sticks and flashlights in place of candles. A jack-o-lantern works great with a glow stick inside!

10. Budget Your Candy

Everyone loves candy! But everyone also knows that too much candy could cause a tummy ache. Teach your kids a lesson in saving by splitting your candy earnings in half throughout the night, tucking half the candy in a “savings jar” after each successful visit.

A safe Halloween is a fun Halloween! Having ease of mind allows you to focus on the best part of Halloween: having fun. For more safe costume tips and trips, visit your nearest halloween store and talk to our Halloween experts!

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