13 Houses In Canada That Nailed Halloween Last Year

Trick or treating is fun because the kids come dressed in their spooky costumes. What doubles the fun? When you greet them in an even spookier costume with a house that offers the best setting. So perfect, it almost seems real. Eeeek! How are you planning to deck up your house? Take some tips from the pros here and get ready to decorate your house this Halloween.

At Night, It Comes Alive

housE decorated with lights for halloween canada


Can You Hear That Noise?

Halloween decorations canada houses


The Great Pumpkin Finally Arrives

pumpkin carving houses Canada Halloween


Meet The Hulk Theme

Hulk theme Halloween decoration theme Canada


The Haunted Carriage

horse carriage display Halloween house Canada


Scared Of Crows

paper cut outs and candles display Halloween Canada


Caught In A Web

spider web on house for hallowen in Canada


Spooks And Boos

Display of lights at Halloween in Canada


Orange Is The New Black

Subtle halloween decoration in Canada


Sealed Tight Haunted Inside

amazing house decoration for Halloween in Canada


We’re Waiting

Dark silhouettes from windows halloween Canada


Fall And Die

Maple leaves and pumpkin to decorate doorway in Canada for Halloween


Skeletons Outside The Closet

Skeleton decorations for Halloween houses in Canada