3 Great Things To Try Before Halloween

We expect you to attend all the spook parties around, deck up your house to make it look the most haunted, wear the craziest costumes and gulp down the goriest snacks. We are going to fetch you a lot of amazing things to do on October 31. But here are three ways you can celebrate Halloween and you probably have not tried these before:

A slumber party horror movie marathon

Get your gang together and keep a stock of the three most scary movies ever made. Like Annabelle, Conjuring and Insidious scary. Grab some popcorn, turn the lights out. Begin with sharing any real life stories that you have heard or read, the closer to reality, the scarier it gets. And once, everyone gets the goosebumps, start the movie marathon. We bet you are going to be all ready for a Halloween party the next day!

Visit a local “haunted” house

If you have lived in the area for a while, you must have heard some rumours about any haunted property. Get your friends, charge your mobile phones to make videos and head to the rumoured place. Just to keep things safe, do this in the daytime and don’t over-indulge. Definitely, don’t trespass. Even taking a drive or walking up to a place rumoured to be haunted is scary enough. Or not! 😉

Play hide-n-seek in a spooky place

Every neighbourhood has a corner that has a spooky feel to it. It could be a park or a sea-shore or maybe even a parking lot. But do you know what makes the place come alive? A good ole’ game of hiding and seek. You’ll have fun looking for your friends one by one and the place won’t seem so spooky anymore.

There you go. We just gave you three new ideas to try this Halloween. You can try them in the week before Halloween so that it doesn’t come in the way of all the parties and trick or treating that you have lined up. So are you ready to Celebrate Life? Halloween Style!