8 Fun Halloween Themed Pranks

With many of us working from home these days, there’s plenty of opportunities to play a few pranks on your roommates, spouse or kids and give everyone a laugh. Here’s some innocent April Fools jokes you can pull from your own home. Happy (and safe) scaring everyone!

The toilet paper spider

Have some fun with the toilet paper your roommate hoarded. Take a Sharpie and draw a nice little creepy crawler on a roll, then put it right back on the holder or in the pack.

Evil Eyes

If you’ve got some empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls in the recycling, cut eye slits into them, then slide glow sticks inside and hide them in the bushes outside someone’s bedroom window.

Image: Zombieland

Toss a Halloween prop somewhere unexpected

In the shower. The trunk of the car. The backseat. How freaky is it to be pulling out of a dimly lit garage on a grocery run and turn around to see someone sitting silently in the backseat? Or find a body in the trunk while loading up groceries?

The Doll in the Hall

…Or anywhere in the house, really. You’ve now got a good use for those creepy old porcelain dolls that have been collecting dust in the attic. Set them up in doorways or in the shadowy corners of the house.

If you’ve got body part props from the last Halloween season, you don’t need to wait until October to bring the scares.

Body parts in the fridge

A bloody hand hanging off the milk jug. A severed foot lying next to the mayonnaise. Even a pickled head inside a jar.

Tape fake insects on a lampshade

Tape a couple plastic cockroaches or spiders on the inside of a lampshade for a freaky surprise when your housemate switches it on.

Hide a creepy recording in the house

Find an eerie recording of something — a child laughing or softly singing or someone moaning — and hide it somewhere in the house. Pretend you have no idea where it’s coming from.

Motion-activated animatronics, like the Scarecrow from Halloween Alley, can be used for fun pranks year-round.

Monsters come to life

Where do you store your animatronics for the year? Turn one on, then send a family member or housemate to retrieve something from that same storage area. Stealthily catch it on camera so you can both have a laugh later.

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