A Thank You from Wings of Providence

Edmonton Halloween Alley was very happy to donate the costumes from the Gently Used Costumes charity drive to the women and children at Wings of Providence. We are happy you got to Celebrate Life. Halloween Style! and look forward to a wonderful Halloween next year!

A thank you from Wings of Providence.

Thank you all so much for collecting and donating so many wonderful costumes to the women and children residing at Wings.  We very much appreciate all your hard work and kindness – THANK YOU!  The kids absolutely loved their costumes as did the moms!  They were very excited to see tables and tables of brand new costumes laid out for them to choose from.  Many had not purchased or made a costume for themselves so your wonderful donation came just in time.  Again thank you so much for supporting Wings’ families and for the great work you do for the community. We hope this relationship will continue to grow!