All About Spider Costumes For Halloween And More

Why are spider costumes scary?

Is it because of their long, slender legs? Their dark, furry skin?

Or is it their unpredictable nature, poisonous fangs, entangling webs, the ability to suck your blood dry?

Maybe people are scared of what spiders could be. What spiders could do…spiders living underneath your skin. Crawling into your ear. Laying eggs in strange places, with millions of spider babies bursting out all at once…

Arachnophiliacs, beware! This blog post is not for you.

For everyone else – welcome! We love spiders – specifically, we love how many people are scared to death of spiders. In Stephen King’s It, the Nameless Creature has a form beyond the physical, and is comprehended by the human mind as the most terrifying form one can imagine…

…A spider.

Whether it’s the fact that they’re deadly, crafty, agile or otherwise – spider costumes are always a hit on Halloween. Whether you’re suiting up in the latest Spiderman costume, using a spider as a prop or wearing an entire spider as your costume – Halloween is the perfect time to make spider-haters wet their pants!

The best part is, you don’t even have to do it all on your own.

Spider Dog Pet Costume

Enlist your family dog to help you scare visitors! His (or, her!) friendly personality is going to be a real hoot with your arachnophobic cousins. Just imagine – your dog, chasing after your family and friends in this adorable spider costume. Precious!

Cute, yes, but maybe not scary enough.

House Decoration Spider

If you really want to scare your visitors, you might need to be a bit more in-your-face. Perch this little guy in a corner or on a shelf, maybe even beside your entrance, and wait for the screams that follow.

Screams of fear, that is, from your friends.

Screams of joy, from you.

A couple years back we had the super-popular skeleton spider prop. Look at ‘em!

skeleton spider

What’s worse than a skeleton? Or a spider? How about both – a spider-skeleton! This takes the worst (best?) or both worlds – long, slender legs, with a skeletal sheen…can you imagine the cries this’ll draw from your family and friends?

We hear the screams already.

But hey, spiders aren’t all that scary. Right?

Definitely not when you notice them. In fact, they’re kind of cute.

They’re cuddly. And fuzzy. Just like the little pieces of string or beads that welcome you when you open the door. You know, the ones that touch your face ever-so-gently? You ever walk through one of those?

Look up. –>

The best part about these props is the fact that arachnophobic victims never see it coming. They’ll casually notice the legs…look up…register…aaaaand, here comes the scream.

Yeah, we love spiders.

Cobwebs, musty shelves, spiders and blood all come together during the Halloween season to scare the heck out of your family and friends. From spider costumes to props, decorations and more – we’re all for spiders and all their creepy-crawly goodness.

Who’s with us? Anyone? Oh, right – all the arachnophiliacs are long gone.

For the rest of you…come give us a shout on Facebook! What spider costumes and props do you want to see this Halloween?