Amazing Spider-Man Costumes Over The Years

Are you a fan of the Amazing Spider-Man? From the original 60’s superhero costume to the recent Marvel movie suits, Spider-Man has gone through a huge number of costume changes. Who knew that Peter Parker was such a fashionista!


Not all Spider-Man costume variations follow the same red-and-blue colour scheme. From the pitch-black Venom suit to the technologically-fueled Iron Spider, our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man comes in a huge array of designs.

spiderman-halloween-costume-knight copy
There’s even a Spyder-Knight suit in the Animated Series.

But even with all the cool designs—the good ol’ red-and-blue suit remains a fan favourite. It’s an iconic piece of comic-book history, which is why movie directors have tried so hard to make their costume adaptations “stick” to their original concept.

(Pun not intended)

Let’s take a quick look through Spider history, and see how it all started:

original-spiderman-costumes copy
Image from Mashable

The original Spider suit had webs connecting the armpit to Peter’s hands—definitely not something we see in today’s costumes! The 1966 version of Spiderman quickly became a classic standard of the Spidey-suit, with a bright red-and-blue colour scheme.

Jump forward to the 2000’s and we see a host of Spider-Man movie costumes, starring Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland:

spidermain-movie-costume comparison
Banner from

You might recognize the middle costume: It’s Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man, set for Spider-Man: Homecoming coming out this week!

You might wonder why Spidey’s face looks kind of strange next to his previous incarnations. That’s because this latest rendition is adapted from the Silver Age of comic book history.

The texture is toned down, with a smaller Spider emblem. Robotic lenses allow the eyes to contract smaller than in previous iterations—which is more in line with Spider-Man’s comic book design during the Silver Age.

superman costume drawing - john romita
Spider-Man, as portrayed by artist John Romita

If you look closely, you’ll notice the difference in the size of Spidey’s eyes between the comic book and movie costume styles.

Which Spider-Man Costume Is For You?

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