Zombify your Halloween 2015

Slay the competition at Halloween costume contests across Canada! Being a zombie is hard work. The unending thirst for blood, the craving for brains, the need to constantly check to see if your limbs are still attached-oh, it’s all a bother! The last thing on your mind is thinking about how to at least look the part!

Don’t worry: we’ve got your back. Learn how to apply the best zombie makeup right here at Halloween Alley. Whether it’s face painting or prosthetic application, we have all that you need to craft the perfect costume!

Find the right product

Zombies aren’t picky with brains, but they should be picky with their makeup. Use only the best products for the best results. We recommend Woochie and Mehron brand prosthetics and makeup for their cinematic quality and realistic finish.

Woochie prosthetics are used to add texture and realistic feel to your wounds, bloody bolts, scars and scratches. It’s a top-notch product used by professional makeup artists! These are used to add additional appendages, scars, nails and bolts to your skin.

Mehron products, on the other hand, are applied directly to the skin with a series of sponges and paint brushes. This is the more traditional product used by face painters, and is the makeup of choice for performers such as the Black Eyed Peas, Hilary Duff and Pink!

Figure out which products you need to complete your costume, and you’re well on your way to rocking the perfect zombie look!

Applying Face Paint

Face painting is a creative art, but most masterpieces start out the same way. Here are the basic steps to applying face paint using a Mehron product:

Plan Ahead – Visualize

Find an origin point – Bites, scratches and wounds often source from one point on the body. Work on that location first before spreading your efforts to the sides of the wound. Using a paintbrush, use red makeup to mark the shapes that will eventually become your bite mark or scar.

Our resident makeup artist, Tierra Murray from our Abbotsford halloween store, offers her expertise at Wound Wednesdays. If this is the result you’re looking for, contact your local halloween store to see what makeup resources we have to offer. Most of our stores have makeup workshops such as Wound Wednesdays. Call or stop by for details.