Calgary Halloween Stores

This year we are going to have 2 Halloween Stores in Calgary; we are just waiting to get the keys and start setting up the shops!

Kristeen – your SW store host – wanted to let everyone know where the store is going to be located. So if you are driving by, or live in the area, make sure to keep your eyes open for our store to rise from the dead this September! This (your neighbourhood Halloween) store will be located at5675 Signal Hill Centre.

Our 2015 Calgary Store locations are as follows:

SW Address: Calgary South
5675 Signal Hill Centre SW
Calgary, Alberta T3H 3P8

The North-side Halloween store will be located here:

3120 27th Street NE
Calgary, Alberta T1Y 7L5

Don’t forget to say hi to Troy – your host at this Halloween madness location. 🙂

Can’t wait to see your there! Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and share your photos, too!

Celebrate Life. Halloween Style!

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