Celebrate Year-Round With These Halloween Decorations

Whoever said that Halloween decorations were limited to Halloween?

We like to use our Halloween props and decorations year-round. Whether we’re getting an extra scare out of a zombie animatronic, or a free scream off a gigantic spider prop, Halloween decorations are the best decorations. Period.

Here are some Halloween decorations and props that’ll inspire you to bring out the scary statues and freaky figures for a few scares throughout the year.

Halloween Skeleton Props

Skeleton In The Closet Decoration

The next time someone accuses you of keeping a skeleton in the closet, you can just smile and say “yeah I do, his name is Skully.

Whether you’ve got a dangling set of bones or a pile of skeletons, we love keeping these guys around where someone can “accidentally” stumble on them.

The question is, do you respond with skeleton puns when greeting guests? ‘Aint nobody got a bone to pick with that…

Halloween Candles


Do you smell that?

It smells like Halloween.

Bloody candles, scents and stench are a Halloween trademark. Even if you’ve burnt through all of your Halloween candle stock, you can make some new candles to tide you over to your next Halloween party by melting red candles overtop white candles.

The results can be horrifying. Horrifyingly wicked.

Desktop Skulls

Skull Animatronic
Poor Yorick. I knew him.

The next time you’re having a creative block, consult a friend. Even if your friend is dead. And on your desk. Oh, and he’s just a skull.

Just put a skull on your desk, and your room or office will look 100% more sophisticated. Trust us, we’re heads over heels for this kind of stuff.

Garage Scaremasters

If you’ve ever played Five Nights At Freddy’s, you’ll know that you should never leave your animatronics unattended.


While these animatronics won’t bite your head off, they’re great for greeting guests. Turn them on throughout the year so they get a nice stretch – and you get a nice scream or two out of visitors.

We love to put these around our garage doors and other unsuspecting places for a good scare.

Heh heh heh…

Garden Guardians

Scarecrows were originally made to scare away bids. Gnomes were made to safeguard your garden. Halloween decorations are made to do both.

Gargoyles Animatronics

Make use of stone gargoyles, snakes, lizards and spiders to do all the dirty work and scare away solicitors (and small children). We’re a fan of leaving out the occasional huge spider just for giggles.

House Decoration Spider

Who can say “no” to a face like this? Halloween dolls are way more interesting than garden gnomes.

haunted doll

Halloween Easter Eggs

Hey – it’s Easter weekend!

halloween easter eggs

If you’re going to spend time with family and friends painting Easter Eggs, may as well put your own spin on things.

Whether you’re going through spring cleaning or just moving things around, Halloween decorations make for great decor throughout the entire year.

How are you making use of your Halloween decorations? Are you leaving out your doormats, pillows, Halloween dolls? Or do you use tasteful Halloween stickers and stamps? Check out our stores this year for new products and variations of the props you see above.

Did we miss anything? Let us know on Facebook how you’re using your Halloween decorations!

Celebrate Life. Halloween Style!