Costume Ideas For Your Next Party

Struggling to decide what to wear to your next costume party? Our Halloween loving staff have some great ideas on how you can reuse your Halloween costume, to put together a jaw-dropping party costume that’s sure to get you noticed.

New Year. New Me.

Did you set yourself a new year’s resolution last month? Did you hope 2018 would be the year you’d start working out more? Or maybe you were wanting to try to control your anger better. You know who that reminds us of? The Hulk. This is a great costume that allows you to make use of any leftover green face and body paint from Halloween. And maybe you’ve got a torn t-shirt from an old zombie Halloween costume that you can reuse as well.

Hulk costume

Witch Hat Shall I Wear?

Got a witches hat amongst your collection of Halloween costumes? Create a Lord Of The Rings Gandalf costume with it. For the beard you could either use a wig beard if you have it, create one from cotton wool balls or if you have super beard growing abilities, grow your own authentic wizardly beard.

Gandalf costume

A Long Time Ago In A Halloween Store Not Very Far Away…

Get yourself one of our Rey Star Wars Halloween costumes last year? If you did – great! It’s just as relevant now. Have you watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi yet? Rey’s back. This costume will be a great conversation starter. Maybe watch the movie first though, there’s always that one person who gives major spoilers away – grrrr!

Rey Star Wars costume

Use Your Christmas Lights For Stranger Things

Whether you’ve watched the second season or not, when we see multi-coloured Christmas lights – we think Stranger Things. If you’re going as a couple, one of you can be the wall of letters and lights, and the other can be Winona Ryder’s character, Joyce. Both very easy costumes to put together with pieces lying around the house. But again, if you’ve not watched the new season, watch it now. Or else someone is sure to ruin it for you at the party.

Stanger Things costume

Whether you recycle your favourite Halloween costume, or go for a DIY costume, share your photos with us and your fellow Halloween fans on Facebook, Twitter and tag us on Instagram @HalloweenAlley with #HalloweenAlley. Whatever you do, and wear, at your next costume party, we hope you have a terrifyingly good time!