Deck Out Your Spiderman Halloween Costume!

Spiderman’s fashion sense is tingling!

When it comes to Halloween costumes, Spiderman has been a fan favourite year after year. Man or woman, adult or child, the Spiderman look is great even on the family pet!


Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman always brings joy to our eyes, not just because of his funny sense of humour but also due to his huge array of costumes. He has over 20 different suits!

Spiderman’s costume has undergone a huge amount of variations over the years. From his Symbiote and Six-Armed suit, through to the Spider Armor series, Spiderman has always found a way to deliver justice in style.

This Halloween, try adding an extra element of uniqueness and fun in your spiderman costume this year. Find a torn T-Shirt or cloth from a discarded pair of jeans to create the hoodie used in the Scarlet Spider costume:

Scarlet Spider

The Scarlet Spider appeared in the Marvel comics as a clone of Spiderman. There’s nothing that says that the fake can’t beat the original, though, especially when it comes to looking cool! Speaking of cool, have you ever heard of Camelot Spiderman?

Peter Parker

We’re not kidding. Camelot Spiderman actually appeared in the Marvel comic’s Earth-71004 series. You can make this costume yourself using armor pieces and parts from a Spiderman costume. Does your Halloween party have a Midieval theme? You found your Friendly Neighborhood Knight in shining armor.

Make your own Camelot Spiderman costume using a Spiderman costume from our store, and combining it with a chest plate from our DIY costume section. As Halloween approaches, we’ll be hosting weekly costume themes such as Pirates and Midieval at our stores. Look for the Midieval festival near the end of September!

The Spiderman universe lays host to a huge array of Spiderman costume possibilities. Have a trench coat lying around? Try your hand at the Noir Spiderman Suit! Do you have an old Spiderman costume that doesn’t fit you anymore? Try his Earth-X outfit! Going to a monster party? The Six-Armed Spiderman suit works fine!Spiderman

We love Spiderman because of his many costumes, as well as his cool powers and lore. What do you think about Spiderman? Let us know on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram! We love to hear from you!

Celebrate Life. Halloween Style!