Featured City: Red Deer

Halloween Alley

We’re so excited to be coming to so many stores across Canada for the 2012 Halloween season and have loved celebrating the cities where we’ll be stopping in!

Next on our list is back in our HauntQuarter’s province, Alberta.¬†Who’s the lucky city that will be hosting a Halloween store this Fall? Get excited for your Halloween store in Red Deer!

Smack dab in the middle between Calgary and Edmonton, Red Deer is a beautiful city home to over 90,000 people. With many attractions including several outdoor activities and the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame, there’s plenty to do when you visit Red Deer. Known for its culture and artistic appreciation, Red Deer was named the Cultural Capital of Canada by Canadian Heritage in 2003 – not a bad badge to wear!

Looking for something to do in the city this week? Why not check out Centrefest? This cool event will have tons of food and music and feature some very talented street performers. Awesome! You could dress up as a street performer this Halloween too, by checking out the costumes for men, costumes for women and costumes for children when you visit a Halloween Alley store in your city!

Does anyone plan to go? What else is fun to do in Red Deer in the summer? We’d love to hear!

If you have any photos or videos from last year’s Halloween store in Red Deer we’d also love to see those and, in the mean time, check out the great tourism video below!


Halloween Alley
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