Featured City: Regina

Halloween Alley

From East to West, we’re setting up our Halloween stores in 15 great cities in Canada and of course, are celebrating them all!

Who is next on our list? Our Halloween store in Regina! Coming to you this Fall, we’ll have great costumes, decorations and accessories so your Halloween can be as FUN as possible!

Why do we love Regina? Home to one of our 2011 stores, Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan and a beautiful city located on the plains of the province. With the large Wascana lake and expansive open land and parks, it’s a great place to hang out in the summer – to go boating, hang out in the sun or stroll through the parks and green spaces. This is also a great place if you love the arts – Regina is known for its art, music and dance, acting as a cultural hub in Saskatchewan.

Have you traveled there? Why do you love Regina? How about you locals; where is the perfect spot to enjoy summer in Regina?

We’d love to hear and if you happen to have photos from our last year’s Halloween store in Regina, we would LOVE to see them so pass them our way!

Want a better look at this great city? Check out the video below. Who’s next on our list? Wait and see…


Halloween Alley
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