Featured City: Saskatoon

Halloween Alley

Celebrating all the cities where our Halloween stores will be located this Fall is a great way to get to know all of Canada better!

We’re moving on to our next city and celebrating our Halloween store in Saskatoon! We can’t wait to provide Saskatonians with great Halloween swag this Fall and are so excited to be coming back to this beautiful city.

As Saskatchewan’s largest city, Saskatoon is rich with art and history, with Canada’s second largest Aboriginal population contributing to the diverse artistic styles. A host to several summer festivals, live theatre and the hometown of several popular bands (including the Sheepdogs!), Saskatoon is a great place to kick back and soak in the culture.

Have you ever visited? Locals, what’s a great way to pass the warm summer days in your city? Share your thoughts with us, we’d love to know! And don’t forget – if you have any photos from last year’s Saskatoon Halloween store we would LOVE to see them!

Get a better look at the beauty of Saskatoon with the video below and maybe start planning your next vacation 😉


Halloween Alley
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  1. my family and i checked out your saskatoon store yesterday and where very pleased…bought some cool masks and did up a ton of ideas for decorating our yard…thank you so much we will be comming back for sure…

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