Featured City: St. John’s

Halloween Alley

It’s been an amazing two months celebrating all of the wonderful Canadian cities who will be hosting our Halloween stores this Fall. Thank you to everyone who has supported this adventure – hopefully you’re getting super excited to visit all of our stores because WOW ┬áSeptember is coming fast!

Last but certainly not least on our list of great Canadian cities is our Newfoundland and Labrador host, as we’re celebrating our Halloween store in St. John’s! Thanks to our great dealers, you’ll be able to find creative costumes, fab accessories and SO much more at the store!

As the oldest English-founded city in North America (whoa!), St. John’s has a wonderful history to go along with its beautiful coastal setting and heritage buildings. Whether you’d like to take the arts and culture route and visit the museums and shops or head out on the ocean, there is plenty to do during a beautiful summers day in St. John’s.

So, locals? What’s the best part of living in St. John’s? Are you getting excited for the opening of your Halloween Alley store? We sure are! Anyone interested in learning more about this beautiful city should take a peak at the video below and CAN’T WAIT to see everyone at the St. John’s Halloween store!


Halloween Alley
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