Find Skully A Real Name! Choose a name and WIN

Technically, Skully is just a skull but why does that mean we have to call him Skully? You and I aren’t called Humany 1 and Humany 2. It is about time we gave Skully a better name!

We are opening this up to all of you. We’ll be taking suggestions on our Facebook page until 6.66pm Friday. Next week, our three favourites will be announced and it will be down to you to vote for the winning name. The genius behind the chosen name will receive a $75 Halloween Alley gift certificate. So if your name makes the top three, be sure to get all of your friends and family to vote for it on Facebook!

On Friday August 25th, Skully will have his new name, and one of you will be a Halloween Alley gift certificate richer!

EDIT: Skully’s been preoccupied on his mission to haunt all of our Halloween stores in Canada! He hasn’t chosen his new name, yet – but we’ll let you know when he does. The contest is still on!

Head over to Facebook to make your suggestion now!