Five Wicked Halloween Party Hacks You’ve Been Dying to Try

If you haven’t already planned your wicked Halloween party, you really should. Here are five dastardly smart party hacks to give your event the extra “oomph” it needs to really spook your guests!

5. The Edible Man
Edible Man Halloween Party Hack

Put your Halloween food on top of old, clean clothes with a Jack-O-Lantern head to really spook your guests! Is that a dinner table…or an operating table?

4. Donut-Bobbing

Party Hacks for Halloween

Need a cool Halloween-themed party event without the hassle? Try hanging donuts from the ceiling so your guests have to “bob” for them. You’ll have some truly frightening pictures of the event as your costumed guests hang themselves for delicious treats!

3. Blacklight Lemonade

Halloween Lemonade

Make these black light lemonade drinks so they stand out in the dark-lit corners at your party! Making these is as easy as adding tonic water to your drink and setting up a black light. Tonic water actually glows in the dark under this light!

2. Skeleton Dip

 Skeleton Halloween Dip

Time to serve up the appetizers, Halloween style! Use a skeleton prop to decorate your appetizer plate for a simple, but terrifying effect.

1. Pumpkin Lollipop Holder

Pumpkin Lollipop Holder

Possibly the easiest, coolest Halloween-themed lollipop holder you could have at your event. Making a pumpkin lollipop holder is as easy as poking holes in your pumpkin!

That’s our top 5 wicked party hacks for Halloween! Do you have any party hacks of your own? Or perhaps you’d like to recreate some of these cool ideas? Let us know on Facebook¬†.¬†Celebrate Life. Halloween Style!