Funniest Halloween Costumes Ever

Ready for a giggle? These Halloween costumes are a big hit in our Halloween stores this year.

Who Ate All The Halloween Candy?

Maybe you really did eat all the candy but nobody would know, this hilarious “personal trainer” Halloween costume would disguise your candy-filled belly. Want this costume? It’s very popular this year so visit your local Halloween store before stock runs out!

Personal Trainer Halloween Costume

He Just Wants A Hug

They do say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer! This Halloween costume is sure to be a big hit at a Halloween party. Spooky and funny – what a combo! If you want to make a statement this Halloween – this is the Halloween costume for you!

Scary Funny Halloween Costume

An Egg-Cellent Choice

Need we say more? Whoever wears this funny Halloween costume clearly rules the roost. This shouldn’t have to be exclusively for Halloween either. Why not wear it to costume parties throughout the year, or an ironic Thanksgiving costume?

Inflatable Chicken Halloween Costume

Who Wants A Ticket To The Gun Show?

Life’s too short to spend time building up a real six pack. Just opt for this (rather raunchy) Halloween costume with a built in six pack. Plus all you need to wear with it is a pair of pants. This Halloween costume is perfect for those who prefer a simpler Halloween look.

Muscles Halloween Costume

A Wise Choice

If you’re on a budget this year, here’s a nice easy Halloween costume. All you need to do is borrow a few items of clothing from Grandma and combine them with one of our grey wigs then ta da – you won’t look a day past 91.

Elderly Halloween Costume

Are you tempted by any of these funny Halloween costumes? Then, you’d best get down to your local Halloween store quickly before they get snapped up! Don’t forget to join us at our in-store Halloween events [link to comical week blog] every Saturday leading up to Halloween 2017. On Saturday October 14th it is our Comical Week event. Don’t miss it, as one lucky person will be winning an inflatable chicken Halloween costume!