Funny Halloween Costumes & Pranks For April Fool’s Day

It’s that time of year again to re-use your funny Halloween costumes for April Fools pranks. Yup, dust off those insect props and take out those masks – it’s time to get your scare on!

Here are some April Fool’s day pranks to help inspire that mad scientist living in your head.

Throw Some Shade Their Way

cockroach in lampshade halloween prank

That’s a nice lampshade you’ve got there.

Would be a shame if something…crawled into it.

Got a lampshade or light fixture in your house? Use old spiders, insects and Halloween props to ensure a rude awakening for your family. That’s just the start to your Fool’s Day shenanigans!

Masks Make Great Gags

Halloween evil clown mask

Whip out those Halloween masks, because it’s time for some fun. The best part about having a stock of Halloween masks is that you can change it up for each victim. Got a Gorilla mask? Great for the kids. A bloody zombie mask? Always fun with friends. A Trump mask? Have fun making lots of jokes at work.

Let your inner clown out for a day. Whether that’s a goofy clown or an insane clown – that’s up to you.

Make ‘Em Roar

T-Inflatable Rex

I’d blow you a kiss, but my stubby arms can’t reach my lips.

It’s a great day to take out the inflatable T-Rex costume. Going to school? ROAR! Work? ROAR! Going for a fancy dinner? R-roar?

Actually, it might be a good idea to eat without the costume on. Or is it?

Brilliant. If you’ve got an inflatable T-Rex costume, you already know you want to bring it out today. There’s no excuse. Bring him everywhere!

Make Some Precious Memories

You’ve got a long day ahead of you. March is behind us, and April’s a whole new month to get your game on.

Let’s start fresh. Look great. Feel great. Make an impression. Today’s the day!

All you gotta do is clean up before heading out-

precious gollum prank


Got an old cardboard cutout lying around? Today’s the day you get to bring it out again! Sure, you might have to wake up a little early to get a head start on your roommate or family, but trust us. The reaction will be worth it.

If You LikeD It, You Should’ve Put A Ring On It

The Ring Prank

We love horror movies, so we’re putting The Ring on this list.

It might take a little bit of setting up, but if you have visitors coming over on today of all days, The Ring prank is one of our favourites.

Here’s a video if you haven’t seen it yet:

Got any other great April Fool’s day pranks? Getting some good mileage out of last year’s funny Halloween costumes? Tell us what you’re up to on Facebook – bonus points if you’ve got video footage of your victim’s reaction 😉