Celebrate a Bloody-Awesome Halloween!

Halloween is just shy of five weeks away! We’ve got lots of events planned, both in-store and online. So far we’ve had Family Week, Pirates Week, and are currently in the middle of Skeleton Week to celebrate our grand opening! We’ll be giving out weekly prizes, so always stay on the lookout to snag some nifty gifts!

Ready to have a bloody-awesome, fun Halloween 2015? Here are the fantastic themes we have in store for the next five weeks!

September 28 – October 4 – Medieval/Renaissance Week

Wizards, knights, princesses, oh my! Our stores are rockin’ a medieval look with a Game of Thrones vibe! Defeat the dragon and save the princess – we’ve got all the props and costumes you need in our armory!

Get Medieval – or off with your head!

October 5 – October 11 – Superhero Week

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No…it’s a whole host of superheroes at our stores! Looking for your friendly neighborhood Spiderman? Or do you prefer the Night. The Vengeance. The Batman? Or are you a Man of Steel, Superman? Look no further, because we have it all!

October 12 – October 18 – Zombies Week

Do you secretly wish for a Zombie apocalypse? Do you love the Walking Dead? Our stores have the best zombie costumes, displays and make-up! Many of our stores will be hosting zombie-themed flash mobs and make-up tutorials, so check out our halloween stores for up-to-date store events!

October 19 – October 25 – Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Week

Want to personalize your costume? We’re running DIY workshops and events throughout the week! Come to your local Halloween Alley not only for our costumes and props, but for the expert advice of our knowledgeable staff!

Our halloween stores also host weekly in-store events, so stay tuned via Twitter to stay up-to-date on live events at individual stores. We’ve got lots going on! We have weekly giveaways on Facebook, and post daily pictures on our Instagram account. Join our community to get the hottest Halloween news and join the best Halloween events!

Celebrate Life. Halloween Style!