Halloween Costume Ideas

Time is running out! We’re half way through October so it’s time to get your Halloween costume!

We have a ton of costume ideas and examples in our costume gallery but we thought you might like to have a list of potential costumes (and see some photos not posted on our website!) so that you can choose your perfect Halloween costume.

Of course, in order to get the full experience you have to come visit one of our Halloween stores which are AMAZING by the way! We promise you’ll love it 🙂

For now, here are some costume ideas:

Dress as a character from this year’s hottest movies

– The Dark Knight Rises
– The Amazing Spider Man
– The Hunger Games
– ParaNorman
– Men in Black III

We’ll have costumes for the popular characters from these movies in our Halloween stores so come see!

What else could you do?

Throw on a creepy Mask

Halloween Alley

Slip into a MorphSuit

Halloween Alley

Try on our Animal Costumes

Halloween Alley

Awesome, right? You can’t truly get a feel for how many costume we actually carry (TONS, seriously) until you visit a Halloween store so come on out and take a look!


Halloween Alley
Celebrate life. Halloween style!