Top 5 Halloween Makeup Tips to Unleash Your Inner Monster!

Want the best tips on applying makeup for Halloween? Check out this short makeup tutorial by guest blogger Andune Cuthalion of Iron Skies Cosplay! Andune is an avid cosplayer with a huge array of works, from Disney Princesses to Anime and Video Game character costumes!

Halloween Make-up Tutorial

Here are some handy dandy tips to applying make up! I’m sure you’ve all worn face paint and body paints before…but have you been doing it to maximum awesomeness? Here are some helpful hints to keep your makeup lasting through Halloween!

1. Start Off Clean!

Always start with a clean face, free of any oils or makeup. Any moisture can make the paint slip off the skin.

2. Use paint instead of foundation

You can use a very light coat of white paint instead of regular foundation (apply this with a makeup sponge, not a brush). Remember to start off light and add as needed. Too much paint applied at the beginning can cause clumping, which doesn’t work well. We want that makeup to be smooth! Any detailing can be done with a paintbrush. Just make sure that the brushes are clean and unused!

3. Take Care Around Sensitive Areas

Always be careful around the eyes. This is especially important for young children! Be sure to test your makeup on a small area first to make sure that it doesn’t irritate the skin.

4. Use Design References

Look up the design you want to go with! Use YouTube or Google images as a reference point. If possible, follow individuals who consistently create great cosplay to get creative ideas for Halloween.

5. Seal Your Makeup

Please be safe with your make up and be SURE TO SEAL IT! You can use actual makeup sealer found at Halloween stores such as Halloween Alley or you can use baby powder and hair spray. Don’t get anything in your eyes!

Mad Hatter Costume

Andune is one of our Halloween Alley ambassadors! She loves to cosplay, and attends conventions all year long! Andune loves Halloween because that is the time of year when everyone can dress up however they’d like and just have fun. She loves Halloween Alley for our costumes, wigs and Halloween decorations which are perfect as standalone or custom costume props!

Stay tuned for more makeup tutorials and cosplay guides featuring Iron Skies Cosplay. You can also visit Andune on her Facebook page at Iron Skies Cosplay and Model

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