Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Gorey Zombie

Since we have an amazing selection of costume makeup in our Halloween stores, we thought it’d be fun to share some makeup tutorials with everyone so that making your costume complete is dead easy on Halloween 😉

We’ve already posted the sexy version of this with the Sexy Zombie tutorial so now we’re going to show you one that’s a bit edgier and it can, of course, be used on men as well as women! In the video, the girl uses non toxic paint for a lot of her application but don’t worry about that – in all of our Halloween stores you’ll be able to find every thing you need for the perfect Halloween makeup look!

Have you dressed as a zombie for Halloween before? What is your favourite trick for achieving that delightful undead look? Share with us and enjoy the video below!


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2 thoughts on “Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Gorey Zombie

  1. If you want to see some really scary Zombie make-up – or show off your efforts. Come visit the Zed Haunted House after you’re done shopping… its just up the road by Totem!

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