Party Themes: Halloween All Grown Up

When you’re a kid, Halloween is easy – get your family to make or buy you a costume, have some awesome parties at school that involve getting no work done and an overload of candy, then head out trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Wam, bam, in bed by 9:00pm.

While I wouldn’t be totally against still doing that, adults young and old enjoy having a little Halloween fun, too! So, how can you throw a great Halloween party? Give it a theme, of course!

One of the funniest ideas I’ve come across is a Gender-Swap theme – where all the men have to dress as women or female characters, and women have to do the same vice versa. If the costumes are creative, you’ll have a blast trying to figure out who everyone is and the photos will be hilarious.

Here are some good ideas for Men:
Dress as…

– A Disney princess
– A School Girl or Playboy Bunny
–  A female cartoon character

And for Women:
Dress as…

– A male Superhero
– Mario or Luigi
– The Wizard of Oz

Not into a theme? We still will have lots of Halloween costumes at our Halloween stores across Canada – make sure to check out a Halloween Alley near you in September!


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