Help Make 2015 Bloody Awesome!

We’re hosting our annual witches coven this week to discuss the ways in which we can make your 2015 customer experience bloody awesome! Complete our customer satisfaction survey on your 2014 experience, and earn a chance to win an iPad Mini!

At Halloween Alley, we work through the year
To gather your input, to spread the good cheer
Our goal is to help you experience a smile
By celebrating life. Halloween style!

Sexy, scary, bloody or cute
Mischievous demons, towering brutes
We can assure that whatever you name
We can provide; we have it tamed.

For life is a party! And you are the guest.
So buckle your seatbelts; we handle the rest.
We’re counting down as the days flow by
To train our ninjas, teach our vampires to fly

For all of you pretties, ghouls, casters and haunters
Swashbuckling pirates, zombies shackled and saunter
We look o’er your legions, to keep through the year
And plan through the night, as Halloween overseer.

Make your way to our survey!
You’ve nothing to lose.
We’ll see your proposal, whatever you choose.
Make hearty your manner, may swift be your flight

For now? We’ll wait for you.
Good Evening, Good Night.