How to get those adorable, big anime eyes?

For all our anime-crazy fans out there, here’s what you can do to anime-fy your look. This girl does it like a pro. You can start practicing now if you want to look like your favourite anime character this Halloween. Here’s a unique idea, why don’t you pick what you want to be this Halloween and add these eyes to it. Just up the drama – doesn’t everyone love that? You’ll be looking drop dead gorgeous in your anime version of your favourite character. So what’s it gonna be? Anime Wonder-Woman or anime Cat-Woman? Or maybe even an anime Princess Leia? Wow, now, you’ve got us excited!

By the way, this video tutorial is from the YouTube vlogger, Hanna a.k.a Kitti Milkgore.

Stay tuned for more DIYs and tutorials. We’ll do all the hunting around and fetch you the best.