If Superheroes Had Part Time Jobs

We had fun imagining what kind of jobs superheroes would get if they were living in our world for real. Yes, yes, they’d probably get money from the government for saving us, but then they’d also be contributing to so much public damage while doing so. They’d probably have huge debts to pay off and will need a part time job to support them… We came across these crazy illustrations on flyingmouse365.com and they’re just enough to make our superhero and supervillain mode go up another notch. Let’s start.

Iron Man is well, Iron Man

Iron Man

We don’t really think this guy needs a part-time job though.

Thor, The Blacksmith


Well, that’s putting the hammer to good use. We usually see little ones running around their siblings with it on Halloween.

Catwoman, The Rat Catcher

Cat Woman

Hmmm Come to think of it, this seems like a job for Catwoman. Rodent-infested buildings, anyone?

Flash, The pizza Delivery Guy


That’s just perfect. We always need our pizza quicker and hotter.

Mister Fantastic Works At the Apple Farm

Mr. Fantastic

Well, someone’s got to do it, eh? He’ll do it the quickest. Picking apples.

Human Torch Grills

Human Torch

More chicken roasted per minute, better productivity. The Human Torch will get a raise for sure.

Darth Vader, The Gardener

Darth Vader

He does need to learn some parenting skills. Gardening can help.

ROBIN, THE Window Cleaner


Oh, come on! Can you find a better job for Robin? He’ll be quick and efficient.

Aqua Man, Cleans Aquariums

Aqua Man

This is the best, isn’t it? The fishies will also love his company.


Green Lantern

With the increasing awareness about cutting down trees, he will soon be out of job again.

Captain America, The Server

Captain America

His shield is huge, imagine the amount of food he can carry. And he can always work in fine dining where it’s up to his standards.

Spider-Man Works At The Tennis Club


He can make real contribution to the world of tennis and make those rackets extra sturdy and bouncy.

Superman, The Mail Carrier


We do need a faster mail carrier. Can we find someone better than Superman?

Wolverine, The Sushi Chef


Chop chop chop. That sushi roll won’t fill itself!

Batman Will Just Chill


He’s right, he doesn’t need a job. He can probably hire all of these guys.

Wasn’t it fun imagining these super guys as real people with dull and boring jobs? You can be one of them this Halloween. We have all the superheroes and supervillains at our stores for men, women, kids and teens. Comment and share, Halloweeners. Let’s spread the super cheer! Great job by flyingmouse365.com !