Kids Costumes That We Love

Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.

What a better way to showcase a story than through children’s costumes. Dress up play for kids goes so much further than just for Halloween. It helps engage children’s brain development, and memory. It builds language and vocabulary and problem solving skills. when you child engages in role-play, and dress up, it helps them view the world in another way, creating empathy, and more emotional development. The act of dressing up, pulling zippers and buttoning buttons helps fine motor skill development. Dress up can also lead to gender exploration – it is fun to dress up in an costume, regardless of  gender stereotype! Most importantly, we believe that dress up helps create a child’s imagination, there are no limits through dress up… Don’t we all love grocery shopping at your local store, and see a little superhero trucking down the isle?!

To reinforce the above, we wanted to showcase some kids costumes that we love this season.

Snoopy & Woodstock made by Palamon are some of the two most loyal friends in Peanuts franchise. They are adorable in the infant toddler costume. Plush and perfect for those just learning to move.

What a better way to showcase our babes youth – than by hilariously dressing them up as an old couple? These generations costumes by California Costumes, are fun, and easy to build yourself as a DIY option or as a full service costume.

Running with a brainiac theme, SKS Fun World has a great Scientist costume – perfect for a group costume.
Or if the whole family is looking to be more incredible, we have options from infant toddler to adult!


New this year from Rubies, is a more gender neutral costume for girls that love Superman or Batman, and don’t want to wear the stereotypical girls dress costume version.

Is your child is looking for a more gruesome Halloween look? Check out the Swamp child, and Zombie Child costume!

See what we mean? Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story. Halloween Alley founder Richard Pierson believes that so much, that we are constantly striving to be an all encompassing, sustainable company. And of course we are also 100% Canadian owned and operated.