Makeup to Die For

What a better way to finish off your Halloween costume, with some great, gory Halloween makeup?! Are we right? Or are we right?!

This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in all of our Halloween stores, across Canada, it is our Makeup to Die For event weekend! What does that mean for you? Makeup tutorials, free face-painting Saturday from 2-4 PM in store, and so much more! Make sure to check out your location’s Facebook page for more details!

In the spirit of Makeup to Die For, here are four great looks you can do at home, with product available from your local Halloween Alley location.¬†Like what you see? Check out Makayla’s Insta page for more looks, tutorials, or inspiration!

This look is super simple to create with Tinsley’s Transfer’s intensive care bruises.
step 1: apply Tattoo FX intensive care bruises
step 2: apply yellow and purple bruise cream
step 3: apply blood with brushes and stipple sponge

Or for a more gruesome look try this missing eye tutorial.
Step 1: heavily cover eyebrow with glue stick (if you skip this you will pull out your brow upon removal…yikes!)
Step 2: use Spirit gum around the eye to to attach a cotton pad (painted black)
Step 3: build up edges with latex and cotton, keeping the inside the thickest- you can use a blow dryer to speed the drying process
Step 4: cover latex and cotton with foundation
Step 5: with  latex apply a small amount of cotton in the hole for texture
Step 6: use black and red Mehron face paint to colour the hole and the outside “skin”
Step 7: fill the wound with watered down blood gel

You saw ‘See No Evil’ above… check this makeup demonstration out for ‘Speak No Evil’
Step 1: rip off the outside seam of a cotton pad for thinner more organic edges
Step 2: adhere the cottons pads to your lips and skin around your mouth with latex
Step 3: cover the cotton pads with latex and smooth it out with your fingers
Step 4: apply layers of latex on and around the cotton until you are happy with the texture (use blow dryer to speed up the process)
Step 5: powder the latex
Step 6: cover your face and the latex with foundation
Step 7: use purple bruise cream to sink in eyes
Step 8: water down red face paint and splatter it over the latex

And for an updated glam/vampire look follow these steps:
Step 1: do full face beauty makeup
Step 2: put in Dracula House vampire teeth (follow the instructions on the package)
Step 3: draw veins coming from the eyes with red and black face paint
Step 4: apply blood to the corners of the mouth
Step 5: apply red face paint on one side of the neck
Step 6: paint two dots on the neck with black face paint
Step 7: paint veins from the bite with red and black face paint
Step 8: apply blood to bite

The countdown is on! Make sure to share and tag your Facebook and Instagram pictures, showing off your Halloween makeup with us.