Paul Rudd is No Dud!

Have you been out to see the latest Marvel Movie? Ant Man and the Wasp? If you have, you are part of the more than 76 million dollars of revenue that have seen it since its release!  Haven’t seen the movie?  Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd) is struggling with life decisions both as a father and as a super hero, as he dons the Ant-Man suit to fight along side the Wasp in an epic battle against  a powerful new enemy. Or you can check out the trailer.

We love Paul Rudd for his ability to be anything, like a master thief turned super! Whether it be on stage, or on screen, he is the epitome of a regular guy.  Especially with his often, flat, sarcastic delivery as show cased with his portrayal of Ant Man!  We are not going to lie…we still see and love him in Clueless!

Are you confused as to where this move fits in the timeline of Marvel as we are? That is okay! As long as you are good with a spoiler or two? Check out this link, as Vulture explains where Ant-Man and the Wasp fit into the Marvel Comic timeline.  


Keeping with our mantra – Celebrate Life. Halloween Style! We wanted to showcase some more great Supers! With the countdown on to Halloween, we want to show how you can transform you and yours into any super you want!

Be it traditionally super.

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Looking for more of a his and hers dynamic? Deadpool never disappoints.

How about a more family friendly approach?

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