SALE! Skeleton in The Closet – EXCLUSIVE at Halloween Alley


Shove over, Elf on the Shelf, because the mascot for the best holiday of the year is here! And he is so excited to make it a wicked Halloween for everyone, we decided to go all out with a big discount.

The Skeleton in The Closet gives treats and plays tricks all season long! Every night he’ll sneak out of the closet and give treats to your family, playing fun tricks and games throughout the night. Your kids will wake up to a pile of goodies, and must find Bones a new hiding spot before the night comes! But before then, Bones will help you spend some quality family time together by sharing candy or playing tricks in fun family games!

Halloween Alley Sale

Incorporate this fun Halloween tradition in your family to spread the Halloween spirit throughout October! The “tricks” are all fun family games and activities, while the “treats” allow you to ration out Halloween candy so your kids don’t eat them all at once!

Skeleton in a Closet is a great way to spend time with the family throughout the Halloween season.This select Skeleton doll and book set is EXCLUSIVE to Halloween Alley stores across Canada and is on sale right now. It was so eager to make Halloween fun for everyone, we couldn’t hold it back any longer! Visit your closest Halloween store to get your set.

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