Scary Halloween Costumes To Wear After Dark

You love scary costumes. You get a rise out of your neighbor’s cries. Whispers, moans, chilling to the bone – yet, music to your ears. Congratulations! You’re one of us.

We’re all in this together – until one of us gets dragged by the foot as food to the terror underneath the bed…

Well, you know what they say. If you can’t beat them – join them! With summer solstice taking away the sunlight, it’s the perfect time to revisit the scary Halloween costumes we’ll be packing in stores this season!

Here’s what you can expect from our stores. Beware! Not all of these are for the faint of heart…

Five Nights At Freddy’s

Is it the jumpscare? The creepy atmosphere? Or the fact that you have -very little- to protect you from the dreaded machinations that threaten to shove you inside a tiny robotic suit?

Five Nights At Freddys Costume

Careful, now – lest you lose your head to the ever-so-close Freddy Fazbear…

Five Nights at Freddy’s is bound to be a huge hit this Halloween. So, the question is: would you rather be the helpless security guard, or the evil machination itself?

Yeah, we thought so.


Sure, you’re not scared of spiders. But to an arachnophobe, the creepy crawlers are absolutely terrifying.


Let’s stick a spider costume on our favourite pet and send ‘em to our guests for a hug. Poor Fido will never understand why Aunt May doesn’t want to cuddle this time around.

Spider Dog Pet CostumeCan you imagine this little guy running around the house like he owns it? Tiny paws pitter-pattering around floors, furry appendages rubbing against the guests’ legs…

Aunt May will be thrilled.


Even the classics can be scary. Just take a look at the clown from Stephen King’s IT.

Why, hello there. Come on in. We all float down here!

It Clown Pennywise

Stephen King’s IT comes back for a terrifying remake, and we’re sure it’s going to give a good group of people people some serious nightmares.

Not you, of course. Nightmares are a dream – we’re all living the dream.

Gruesome Costumes

For those of you without fear, not of spiders, not of clowns – we have just the thing for you. Gruesome, monstrous, scary things.

From hanging hands to headless hosts, we’re decked out in horror quite unlike most.

headless monster kid costume

Don’t lose your heads over our wicked selection of Halloween costumes!

Find the costume that chills you to the bone at our stores, when we open for the Halloween season! We’re not too far away – only 4 months away from Halloween! Until then – come hang out with our (g)hosts on Facebook and Instagram. We don’t bite – much!