Skully’s Journey: Beware of Manitoba’s Bears

There is one place that has been on Skully’s bucket list for many years and he is finally ticking it off of the list. Skully is heading to Churchill, Manitoba!

Most of us prepare for October 31st by deciding on our costumes, finding ideas on how to decorate our houses for Halloween and buying candy for trick-or-treaters, but Churchill has a very real threat they have to prepare for. Polar bears.

When it comes to the eve of Halloween, hundreds of young children in Halloween costumes will be descending on the streets surrounded by hundreds of polar bears. The town has year-round Polar Bear Alert Officers but on October 31st, everybody is on the lookout for bears intruding on the town’s suburban streets. Polar bears are one of two animals worldwide who actively prey on humans so they are rightly up there as one of the animals Skully most fears. Not that he’d have anything to worry about, who’d want to eat a load of bones!?

Manitoba Bears
Who’d have thought polar bears like pumpkins!?

Could you face walking the streets of Churchill this Halloween? Let us know if you’ve had any scary animal encounters on Facebook.

Sadly, there won’t be a Halloween Alley store for the polar bears of Churchill but our Brandon and Winnipeg Halloween stores are now open in Manitoba.