Spook U School of Scare

Celebrating our Dealer’s Conference, Halloween style!

So, next week the Spook U School of Scare, aka our Dealer’s Conference, will be coming to Edmonton for 3-day Halloween extravaganza on July 31st and we are CRAZY excited!

We’ll be celebrating Halloween early and teaching all our dealers the ins and outs of perfecting their Halloween store so that they can provide our customers (you!) with an amazing Halloween experience!

While the main purpose for the Spook U School of Scare is training our dealers, we’ll also be putting on a wicked Halloween costume fashion show and celebrating each province during a party that will feature food from all the cities that will be hosting our Halloween stores.

We’re currently prepping the South Edmonton location for the conference and afterwards, we’ll begin getting it ready for the 2012 Halloween season – which, by the way, is only three months away! Are you excited or what?

Check out our albumn on Facebook and next week, we’ll upload all of our photos from the conference.

Do you have a message you’d like us to pass on to the dealers? Let us know, we’d be happy to share 🙂


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