The Best Plus-size Costumes This Halloween

Size matters at Halloween, but that just applies to the size of your Halloween party and celebrations. No one should be left out of the dressing up fun this Halloween as we have all the popular Halloween characters in sizes, big and small. Halloween Alley has hundreds of options for plus size Halloween costumes for men and women. We’ve picked a few from the latest batch to share here. A plus size Cleopatra or a plus size Harley Quinn, a plus size Joker or a plus size Batman. Get to our stores to find yourself some larger-than-life fun for Halloween.



Cleopatra Costume Plus Size
Cleopatra Costume
Pirate Woman Plus Size
Women Pirate With Corset
Joker Costume Plus Size
Joker Costume
Death Costume Plus Size
Death Costume Plus Size
Hey Amigo Mexican Costume
Hey Amigo Mexican Costume
Batwoman Costume plus Size
Lady Guinevere Plus Size
Lady Guinevere
Cutthroat Pirate Costume Plus Size
Cutthroat Pirate
Ghost Bride Costume Plus Size
Ghost Bride
Salem Witch Costume Plus Size
Salem Witch
Red Queen Costume Plus Size
Red Queen
Great Gatsby Costume Plus Size
Great Gatsby Fancy Dress
Harley Quinn Plus Size Costume
Original Harley Quinn
Inmate plus Size