The Most Haunted Place On Earth, Poveglia

Do You Know About The Most Haunted Place On Earth?

Have you heard of Poveglia? Poveglia is a haunted island in Venice, Italy, and it’s a perform storm for a good Halloween horror story.

Poveglia has a long history of terrible mass deaths and torture. Whenever there was a plague, the ill would get sent there for their last moments. There were so many ill people that that the whole island and the area around it reeked of the sickening smell of disease.

Plagues are temporary, and aren’t really a problem in this day and age. But you know what lasts? Graves. Poveglia is a mass graveyard, piled with hundreds of people who were burned to death.

The soil on the island is half dirt – and half human remains.

Spooked yet? No? Keep reading.

Hospital? Or A House of Horror?

In 1922, a hospital was built on the island. This was basically the government’s excuse to send the mentally unstable and physically ill to Poveglia. This seems fine… right? Wrong.

The hospital was supposed run by a mad doctor who practiced some twisted and…unqualified procedures. Possibly just for self-pleasure. Eventually, years later, the doctor jumped off the bell tower. Was it to free himself of his own conscience? No-one knows, but he supposedly survived the landing…only to be finished off by some ghostly figure on the ground.

A History Of Terror

Poveglia was first brought into the spotlight in 421 AD, when the people of Padua and Este moved there to escape Barbarian attacks and invasions. Everything was fine up until 1348 when the Bubonic Plague hit. Tons of people died during the plague, and the remaining survivors booked it and fled to the island of Guidecca in 1379.

Fast-forward several hundred years…the government then built a hospital to ship the mentally unstable to the island in 1922. You know what happened next. The hospital eventually closed in 1968, but the spirits remain…

Would You Visit Poveglia?

Today, you can actually visit the island of Poveglia. It’s not recommend that you do, but you can get permission from the Italian Tourist Board and hire a brave soul to take you there on a boat for about 200 euros.

People who dare visit Poveglia come back with terrifying stories, like becoming possessed, nudged by invisible figures, or seeing objects move by themselves.

What’s Your Scary Story?

Although Poveglia is known as the most haunted place in the world, stranger happenings occur worldwide, in lessor-known areas. Haunted happenings are the grounds of any good Halloween horror story!

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