Top 5 DIY Pet Costume Ideas For Halloween!

Let’s celebrate all the super cool and cute Halloween costumes for pets! Halloween is just the best excuse to dress up our pets. Hey, it’s official! Let’s celebrate and… dress up your pet!

Pet Day

Don’t have a Halloween costume for your pet on hand? Check out some of these pet costumes for do-it-yourself ideas!

1. Beanie Baby


Look at this adorable beanie baby! Cut out the Beanie Baby logo on a sheet of cardboard, then pin it on your pet’s collar. Ta-da! Instant cuteness.

2. Hairy Potter

Hairy Potter

50 Points to Gryffindor! A scarf, fake glasses, and a little magic is all it takes to transform your pet into the infamous Harry Potter.

3. Princess Meow-a

Princess Leia

A sheet of white cloth and some knitting skills can net you an awesome Princess Leia costume for your pet! Just be careful that your cat doesn’t run away with the yarn.

4. Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Oh, brother! Some yellow and black felt cloth makes the perfect Peanuts star out of your lovable friend. Sure to make Peppermint Patty green with envy!

5. SportsDog

Football Dog Costume

Do you love your pet to stitches? Are you a fan of football? Turn your Weiner dog into the most adorable rugby ball with just a few cuts of cardboard. Touchdown!

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