Which Avenger Has The Best Superhero Costume?

Avengers: Endgame comes out today! To celebrate this cinematic masterpiece we’ve compiled a list of The Best Avengers’ Superhero Costumes. We’ve analyzed their materials, powers, and style to find out which Avenger has the all-around top-performing costume. So, without further ado let’s dive in!

9. The Hulk’s Costume

After being exposed to gamma-ray radiation, Dr. Bruce Banner’s body was altered. When intense emotional stress hits, this reserved physicist transforms into The Incredible Hulk. The Hulk’s physical strength and power come from his body’s mutation, not his superhero costume. The only outfit the Hulk wears is a worn and tattered pair of purple pants, but these trousers carry a secret. They are made up of an incredible fabric of unstable molecules that expands and contracts, depending on the wearer. This is why when Bruce Banner hulks out, his socks, shoes, and shirt are torn to shreds while his pants stay intact.

The Hulk’s costume is just an advanced pair of purple pantyhose, and for that reason, he comes in on our 9th spot on our list of The Best Avengers’ Superhero Costumes.

8. Hawkeye’s Costume

Raised in a circus where Hawkeye used his archery skills for entertainment purposes, he wore a showy purple and black costume. When he decided to start fighting crime, this Avenger donned this original circus outfit. Fast forward to today’s MCU. Hawkeye wears a mix of comfortable and dark kevlar and leather articles for protection. While this superhero costume may not have a ton of bells and whistles, it allows Hawkeye increased mobility enabling him to load and shoot an arrow with precise accuracy every second.

Hawkeye comes in at number 8 on our list of The Best Avengers’ Superhero Costumes.

7. Black Widow’s Costume

Natalia Romanov, AKA Black Widow, was a notorious criminal before changing her ways and joining the Avengers. She relies on her training in martial arts, assassination, and as a ballerina to help save the planet when times get tough. She also had a small injection of a super serum similar to what was given to Captain America. This serum granted Natalia an increase in physical prowess, a resistance to poison, and slows down her aging process. Black Widow’s costume is composed of an abnormally durable kevlar and has several gadgets hidden within her outfit that she can whip out when necessary.

The combination of protection and secret compartments gives Black Widow the 7th spot on our list of The Best Avengers’ Superhero Costumes.

6. Captain America’s Costume

Steve Rogers was injected with the Super Soldier Serum making him twice as strong and three times as fast as any human on the planet. His physical prowess helped destroy Hydra; a criminal organization bent on world domination.

His suit was initially made for circus acts and war propaganda, but has since changed to a heavy kevlar and lightweight titanium resistant to fire, water and electric shocks. The bright colours of red, white, and blue resemble the American flag and is a symbol of freedom.

Cap’s real power and most iconic symbol is his shield made from proto-adamantium and vibranium. Without his shield, his superhero costume does little for his benefit. For that reason, Captain American holds our 6th spot on our list of the best Avenger’s Superhero Costumes.

5. Thor’s Costume

Thor’s superhero costume is made from Asgardian steel which is stronger than any metal made on Earth, and he wears a special belt that doubles his already great strength. While these artifacts are impressive, Thor’s true strength comes from his ability to wield Mjölnir, a hammer forged by harnessing the energy of a star. Without his hammer, Thor is still a worthy Avenger, but may not be worthy of the “God of Thunder” title.

His metal helmet and chainmail garb are wonderfully crafted and war ready. His bright red cape gives him a bunch of style points.

His armour is other-worldly, but not necessarily exceptional by superhero standards. For this reason, Thor holds the 5th spot on our list of the best Avenger’s Superhero Costumes.

4. Captain Marvel’s Costume

Captain Marvel’s costume is also alien to Earth. What we do know, is that it is resistant to high amounts of energy, withstand the heat generated from moving at lightspeed, and stays intact after exposure to the force of exploding planets. The bright colours represent boldness, and the armour is designed to reflect her military rank.

For its outstanding durability and alien technology, Captain Marvel’s superhero costume hits #4 on our list.

3. Black Panther’s Costume

T’Challa, the King of Wakanda wears a stylish and functional costume made from a vibranium micro-weave mesh. His suit not only stops any sort of ballistic attacks like bullets or grenades, but it absorbs their kinetic energy which can then be redistributed at the wearer’s will. It has special cloaking powers that help with stealth, and specialized retractable anti-metal claws. The claws can melt other metals upon contact.

The incredible functionality of this suit, paired with its stylish lines and colour give the Black Panther’s superhero costume the 3rd position on our list.

2. Ant-Man’s Costume

Ant-Man’s suit can grow and shrink along with the wearer. This is because it is made from the same unstable particles as the Hulk’s trousers. The special suit also gives Ant-Man access to Pym Particles, a rare group of subatomic matter that can shorten the distance between molecules, effectively shrinking his size while maintaining his full-grown strength. The particles can also expand the distance between molecules causing Ant-Man to become a giant.

While many Avengers have superhuman abilities or god-like powers, Ant-Man is just a regular person. His power is solely reliant on his suit. The importance of this superhero costume cannot be understated, and for this reason, it reaches the 2nd spot on our list of The Best Avengers’ Superhero Costumes.

1. Iron Man’s Costume

Is this really a surprise? With over 100 different suits of armour, this genius has a costume built for any conceivable altercation. It has a built-in A.I. known as Jarvis, gives him the ability to fly, survive explosions, has an entire artillery, the benefits go on and on. Some versions are made from liquid smart metal that hardens around his body on contact, and Jarvis can control his army of suits to attack or defend positions autonomously.

The combination of metallic style, functional armour, and built-in artillery give Iron Man the top spot on our list of The Best Avengers’ Superhero Costumes.

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