Which Halloween Magic Would You Side With?

Can you believe it? Only two days left until the best day of the year. We can hardly stay in our seats! If you haven’t made your submission yet, ourĀ Halloween Costume Contest closes in 2 days as well. If you want to win an iPad or an iPod Touch, you’d better get your pictures in quick!

White and Black Magics at Halloween Alley

Something wicked this way comes. Are you going to stop it? Or…are you the source of it? Black Magic and White Magic have been at war since the inception of Good vs. Evil. Which side are you on?

White Magic

The magic of the Just. The power to help. The wise wizard, the heroic saviour, the guiding force of Good. You want to use your powers for the right reasons. There is evil afoot, and it’s your duty to stop it. If you believe that great power comes with great responsibility, perhaps you’re more inclined to take the path of White Magic.

Black Magic

The power to help. The will the serve. Pffft, boring. Let’s have some fun! Some people just want to see the world burn. Is that you? Black Magic is often associated with Evil, but Evil can just be…misunderstood. Or, at least that’s what you’d say. Your ambitions are to be unchecked. You owe the world nothing. Power..? You’ve got it!

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Celebrate Life. Halloween Style!